We supply our high quality products to all major accessories shops in whole Malaysia & international market.
Main Products (4x4 Accessories, SUVs Accessories and MPVs Accessories)

Stainless Steel Front Bumper Protector (Front Bar), Side Bars, Rear Bars, Aluminum Side Step, Roof Rack, Roof Bars, Roof Carrier Aluminum, Roof Box, Body Kits (PU), Spoiler, Fiber Quality Body Kits, Spoiler, Door Visor, Door Sill Panels, Utility Box, Bed Liner, Canopy, Brake/Clutch Pedal Locking Device, Bed Extender, Tonneau Cover, Roller Shutter etc.

Good News! Special announcement for Klang Valley customers !!!
Please kindly visit our Kuala Lumpur, Kepong authorize dealer.
(They provides 4x4, SUVs & MPVs installation, custom modify & canopy license apply service etc.)
You can find out the high quality (AND BEST PRICES) original & aftermarket 4x4, SUVs, MPVs & Car accessories on their retail shop.
More information, please visit www.oem4x4.com

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